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UECU has Changed Its Name!

An important milestone in our credit union’s 64-year history has arrived: beginning November 1, United Educators Credit Union officially changed its name to Expedition Credit Union.

You will notice some changes occurring over time. New Expedition CU debit cards will be available in 2nd quarter 2022 and new Expedition CU credit cards will arrive in summer 2022. These changes, and others you may notice, are being done to best manage credit union resources along with timelines required by our partners. Thank you for your support and understanding as we complete our transition. 

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“Expedition” is a name as unique and distinctive as your credit union. We know it isn’t about the destination, but the journey and those you choose to take the journey with. It’s about providing leadership to help our members find direction and determination to make things possible. We’re not only here to guide you through the twists and turns in life’s journey, but to inspire you as you have inspired us. We believe that success requires curiosity and a willingness to learn, adapt, and push forward. That’s why we’ll never stop exploring, and neither should you. These are the benefits of membership you have come to know and expect from us — and our commitment to deliver them to you remains as strong as ever.

Here are a few important things we want you to know:

  • Our commitment to excellent service will continue. Delivering exceptional member service is our passion and is a top priority for this credit union.
  • This is a change to our name only. Our credit union has never been stronger; we have not been sold and we are not merging with another financial. We’re the same organization that you have trusted for years, with the same dedicated staff.
  • Your accounts and services will not change. Your account numbers will remain the Your direct deposits and automatic payments will continue as normal. We will still provide great value with competitive rates on deposits and loans. The biggest change you’ll notice will be the new sign on the door.
  • The new name will open up “new doors” for more of our neighbors to belong to a financial institution that delivers great service and value.

It was not a simple decision to change our name. We have proudly served educators and our community for 64 years and are very proud of our heritage. Our ties to those who educate, coach and mentor us will continue to be a great source of pride for the board, management and staff. We thank you for your support and confidence as we move through this change, and we look forward to sharing news about expanded services coming your way soon.

We understand an announcement of this magnitude may raise a number of questions. For more information, please take a moment to read the following Q&A, stop by any branch, or give us a call at 651-264-0669.

Thank you again for your support of this great organization that you have helped build.

X Answers to questions you may have:

Q: Is the name change a result of a merger or acquisition?

A: No. The name change is not the result of a merger or acquisition of any kind.

Q: Why are you changing the name of the credit union?

A: Since we first began serving Minnesota educators and their families, we have had consumers from all walks of life request membership in this very special cooperative. Now, with the addition of Hennepin, Anoka, Ramsey, Dakota and Washington counties and other Employer Groups being served, our membership continues to be more diverse and in search of what we have to offer.

Research of both members and consumers revealed our name held a high degree of exclusivity, and was a barrier to many consumers searching for a better way to handle their finances. The decision to change the name was not taken lightly, is part of our long-range plan to grow and continue building a healthy and sustainable organization for future generations, and unite our membership with a name that is relatable to our current members - and welcoming to future members.

Q: What will change with a new name?

A: There will be no impact to your existing relationship with us, or any changes to your day-to-day banking. You will see changes to our exterior signage, brochures, website and social media channels as we evolve to the new name. We look forward to keeping you informed throughout the transition and you being among the first to know what the new name will be once it’s formally announced.

Q: Will the ownership of the credit union remain the same?

A: Yes. The ownership of the credit union will remain 100% owned by you, the members.

Q: Who will be eligible to join?

A: Eligibility to become a member remains unchanged. The new name simply removes perceptions held by many that we are strictly the credit union for Minnesota educators and their families.

Q: Will the credit union still serve Education Minnesota and the education community?

A: Absolutely. We are fully committed to our roots and serving Education Minnesota and the education community. As the credit union continues to grow and strengthen, we look for ways to spread the value of belonging and the importance of financial education to more citizens.

This name change will help with that continued growth as more of our neighbors join our credit union and experience the valuable benefits of belonging to our cooperative.

Q: How did you select the new name?

A: We have spent many months working with a joint team of Board, Management and Staff under the advisement and guidance of an experienced and respected branding firm.

Q: Who will be eligible to join credit union?

A: Our charter remains the same; serving people who live, work, worship, go to school, or do business in Anoka, Dakota, Hennepin, Ramsey, or Washington Counties, and their immediate family members as well as members of Education Minnesota and the education community.

Q: If I have automatic payments taken from my account or receive direct deposit, will I need to do anything?
A: No. Everything will stay the same. Our routing number will not change and your account number will remain the same. Therefore, it is not necessary to take any steps to update automatic payments or direct deposit.

Q: Will this name change be expensive?

A: Many of the changes will occur over time to manage inventories and best timed to manage the credit union resources. Our Board and Management have built one of the strongest financial institutions in Minnesota by making prudent and strategic business decisions that ensure our growth and health. This investment in our long-range vision has been carefully considered and approved by the Board of Directors.

Q: Will my credit and/or debit card still work?
A: Yes. Your credit card will still work as it always has. Stay tuned for future announcements regarding cards with the new name and logo. Your card number, credit limit and expiration date will not change.

Your debit card and PIN will also continue to work as they always have.

Q: Will I still be able to use my checks?
A: Yes. You can continue using your existing checks until they run out. Upon reorder you will see the credit union’s new name and logo on your checks.

Q: How will fees, loan rates and deposit rates be impacted by the name change?

A: Rates and fees will not be negatively affected by the name change. We will continue to monitor our rates and fees like we always have. Rates and fees do fluctuate, but they are adjusted in response to the market conditions.

Q: Will the employees change?

A: The employees you’ve grown accustomed to serving you will be here ready to provide the same personalized service you expect.

Q: Will my accounts still be insured?

A: Yes, we will remain a federally insured, state chartered credit union. Your deposit accounts remain federally insured by the NCUA up to at least $250,000. Additionally, personal accounts are protected for another $250,000 through Excess Share Insurance.

Q: Will the routing number change?

A: No. Our routing number will remain the same. Routing number 296076084.

Q: Will my account numbers change?

A: No. Your account number(s) will remain the same.