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icon Debit Card Controls

Set up alerts and have the ability to turn your debit card on and off for the safest experience!

Debit Card Controls

That moment you realize you’ve lost or misplaced your Expedition Credit Union debit card or maybe it’s the weekend and you notice some unusual activity on your account. It’s likely to cause some concern and worry, but Expedition CU has your back! Debit Card Controls allows you to receive real-time alerts when your debit card is used and to turn them on and off in seconds with a simple tap in your mobile app.*

Debit Card Controls also allows you to personalize the types and frequency of your alerts and block transactions based on:

  • Merchant type, like travel, restaurants, and gas stations
  • Transaction type, like Mail/Phone Order, ATM, and Online
  • International, like foreign merchants
  • Spending Limits, to either block or send alerts at selected transaction amounts

To activate and personalize Card Alerts and Controls on your Expedition Credit Union Visa Debit Card, Business Debit Card, or HSA – Health Savings Account Debit Card:

Online Banking Access

  • Log in to Expedition Credit Union’s Online Banking
  • Access Debit Card Controls from the Service and Support tab in the navigation menu bar.
  • Note: If logging in to Online Banking from a mobile phone’s web browser the menu bar is located in the top left corner of the screen.

Mobile Banking Access

  • Log in to Expedition Credit Union’s Mobile Banking App
  • iPhone Users - Tap "More" on the bottom of the screen to access "Debit Card Controls" in the menu.
  • Android Users: - Tap the menu icon in the top left of the screen to access "Debit Card Controls" in the menu.

By default, all cards are turned ON and alerts are enabled for all transactions. Just tap the ON or OFF button to either activate or deactivate your card.** Please note that pre-authorized or recurring debit card transactions may still process while the card is turned off.

To personalize your Debit Card Control settings, tap on Set Declines and Alerts button for each card.  You can change the Alerts default setting of All Transactions to your preferences by Merchant Type, Transaction Type, Location Type or Spend Limits. Additionally, you can block select transactions from these same 4 categories.

FAQs & Help Terms & Conditions

* Message and data rates may apply from your wireless carrier.
**If you are turning off your card because of fraud, you will still need to call the Expedition CU to close that card and order a new one. Turning off your card in Debit Card Controls only prevents the card from being used as long as it is turned off.