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New Digital Banking Platform, coming June 10!

Our transformational journey brings Expedition CU to an online banking upgrade!

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Exciting changes, for how you remotely access your Expedition CU accounts, are happening this summer. This June, Expedition CU is upgrading its digital platforms to focus your life’s journey on those moments that really matter – like spending time doing the things you choose to enjoy.

Much has changed these past few years; including how members access their accounts and their comfort with managing routines while on the go. Schedules are busier than ever and remote tools for ordering items online to managing our daily tasks have made life’s chores more convenient – handling errands throughout the day when it best fits your schedule.

During the weekend of June 10-12th, we will be upgrading to a new Mobile App and online platform for accessing your Expedition CU accounts. The upgrades will simplify how you move money and remotely access your account while supporting Expedition CU’s value of exceeding expectations through great technology. You will not be able to access your accounts online or via the Mobile App beginning at 8 AM Central on Friday, June 10, until the updates are completed.

There will be several changes and important dates for you to keep in mind. The first and most important task will be for you to confirm the phone number and email address that Expedition CU has on file for you. When confirming your information with us, take a moment to verify your Member Number with a representative.

The new system will require you to know your Member Number to complete your registration and initial login process.

Don’t know your Member Number? Click the "My Settings" menu option within Online or Mobile Banking, in there you will see an "ID" number, this is your Member Number. On the desktop version, the "My Settings" menu is found in the top right corner of the page. On the Mobile App, hit the "More" (3 dots) menu, and find the cogwheel in the top right corner then, click on "My Settings".

If you can't locate your Member Number, please send a secure email through Online Banking or call our main number and we can assist you.

What’s changing?

The new system comes with the ability to customize settings and views to your preference. Frequently used activities like viewing history or cleared checks, transferring money between your accounts, and using Mobile Deposit remain easy to find and use. More services, like secure chat, are coming and some features currently only in the desktop version will soon be accessible on the Mobile App.

Unfortunately, with new systems some aspects may need attention to make them work again and not all the old options are able to be offered.

  • Bill Pay Blackout Period from June 8 – 12th during which time no bill payments may be made. If you are a current Bill Pay user, you can expect your payee information and bills to transfer over to the new online banking system. However, there will be a brief period during the transition when no payments will be sent. Bills scheduled for June 8 - 12th will be sent on June 13. After the conversion, verify your payees and payments to confirm scheduled items paid on time and that future payments are accurate.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the Bill Pay Blackout period from June 8 – June 12, you will need to schedule any payments early if they are due during the blackout period to avoid this timeframe. 

  • Account nicknames may revert to the account type. If you have renamed any of your accounts, note which account suffix the name belongs to so you can rename it after the upgrade.
  • P2P (Person-to-Person) and A2A (Account-to-Account) information will need to be reentered. You will need to enter and reauthenticate accounts or payee details if you set up account transfers to another person or to an account you have elsewhere. The new platform will provide easy-to-view access for setting up or making future payments to others.
  • Account Alerts will have to be set up after the upgrades. You will have more options for keeping track of your accounts with the new system.
  • Card Controls for your debit and credit cards will not be available right at conversion. We are working with our new partners and a new card control feature will be coming a few months later.
  • Money Management will be ending on June 10. The Personal Financial Management (PFM) account aggregator will no longer be offered.
  • Quicken® and QuickBooks® will no longer be supported. The new platform will have the ability to export a history as CSV, however, it will no longer be linked to Quicken or QuickBooks.
  • Share Access with Others ends June 10. This limited-use feature allowed you to share your account access with another person. Access to accounts will be restricted to authorized signers and each one may have their own login.

Registering the first time

The first time you log in using the new system, you will have a different process than you are used to. The initial login will ask for your Member Number and other personal identifying information before you set up your Username & Password. The registration will lead you through a series of steps to select a new Username and Password, and to verify where to send your one-time access code. The code can be sent through an automated call or text to a phone number or to the email address we have on file.

Updating your account information is never fun and we understand this will cause some disruption to your routine. Once the new systems are in place, we know you will enjoy the enhancements. From viewing your payments all together or setting account alerts to stay on top of your money to more quickly scheduling payments or recurring transfers between your accounts, the new system helps make your busy life simpler.

Keep checking back right here or in our current online banking system for more details as the change approaches in June. If you have any questions or would like more information, please call us, or send us a secure email through online banking.