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icon Time to activate your Expedition Credit Card!

New look, new name, new Visa-branded Credit Cards


Our journey continues.

The time has come to use your new Expedition Credit Union Visa® Credit Card! The new card started working on August 20, 2022 and can NOW be activated!.

Activate and begin using your new card as soon as possible. Your UECU Mastercard® NO LONGER WORKS. 

Online Access to your Mastercard is no longer available. Online Access to your new Visa Card  in now available through Online Banking or the Mobile App. Your Online Mastercard eStatements will be available to view mid-September.

NOTE: Mobile Wallets are NOW available for the new Visa Credit Cards! 

If you have issues with your new card or did not receive your new credit card use the "Let's talk!" bubble on this site or call the Cards Department at 651-264-0669. 

Expedition CU Visa Card image
If you didn't receive your new card or can't locate it, use the chat feature on this site, or call 651-264-0669 to speak with the Card Department.


The nitty gritty.
  • Your account number will change as your new card will now be a Visa Credit Card
  • The expiration date and CVV2 on the back of the card will also change
  • ACTIVATE ON AUGUST 20, 2022! You can't activate or use your new Expedition CU Credit Card until August 20
  • Your old UECU Mastercard will stop working on 08/19/2022 - keep your UECU Mastercard until your new Expedition CU Visa Card works
  • Your NEW Expedition CU Credit Card will be a contactless card and features a flat imprint with only your name on the front
  • Don’t forget to update any Apps or automatic payments you have set to charge to your UECU Mastercard (e.g. Apps, online stores, utility billing, streaming services, etc.)
  • Add your new card to your phone’s mobile wallet


Q: Why am I receiving a new credit card?

A: This is final step along our journey from UECU to Expedition CU. Your credit card is changing to the new card design to reflect our new name. Your new card will not work until August 20, 2022.


Q: When will my new card arrive?

A: The new card will arrive in early-August. Your current UECU-branded card will work until August 19th and then you must activate & begin using your new Expedition CU Visa Credit Card.


Q: Can I keep my current , UECU Mastercard?

A: No. All existing UECU Mastercard credit cards will stop working at the end of day on August 19, 2022. You may activate and begin using your new Expedition CU Credit Card on August 20.


Q: How do I activate my new card?

A: Your new card will come with an activation sticker attached that includes instructions. Call the phone number on the sticker from your primary phone number. If we do not have your primary phone number on file, please be sure to call us to update your information.


Q: What if I have issues activating my card?

A: Use our Chat feature on this website or call us at 651-264-0669 and a representative will assist you.


Q: What if I have a credit or refund for a payment on my old card?

A: Your new Expedition CU Visa Credit Card will receive the credit or refund. This transaction may take a couple of business days to post and will show on your Visa Credit Card statement or history once completed.


Q: Will the automatic payments or recurring deductions set up on my current card continue to charge to my new card?

A: No. You will need to update your card details anywhere you have payments scheduled to come from your UECU Mastercard Credit Card. You will also have to update your expiration date and CVV2 (3-digit security code on back) on accounts that use your current card for payments (e.g. Apps, online stores, utility billing, streaming services, etc.). Some payments may convert automatically. We recommend confirming all electronic transactions are set up correctly and verify on the scheduled date, so you do not miss any important payments.


Q: Can I still use the Mobile Wallet?

A: Yes, however, you will need to add your new card once activated to your Mobile Wallet and remove the old card.


Q: I have a Platinum Rewards card. What will be different? 

A: Your new reward card will now earn unlimited 1.5% Cash Back on qualified purchases*! Your new card will come with Cash Back as the only option for redeeming points. The current store for redeeming points will end on August 18, 2022. NOTE: There will be a Reward Redemption Blackout Period from August 18 - September 6, 2022 as we convert to the new reward platform.
* Returns and/or cancellations of Qualifying Purchases, may result in the deduction of Cash Back from your rewards program account. Cash advances and balance transfers are not eligible for rewards. Terms and conditions subject to change. Some restrictions may apply.


Q: Will the points be lost if I have a Platinum Rewards Mastercard?

A: No! Any points you have will transfer to the new Platinum Rewards Visa Card (Business Credit Cards will lose accrued points if not redeemed by August 18). Your new card will only have a Cash Back option. If you would like to redeem your points for items available on our Mastercard Reward program, you can visit prior to August 18 and redeem points using the current program. NOTE: There will be a Reward Redemption Blackout Period from August 18 - September 6, 2022 as we convert to the new reward platform.