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icon Visit the Minnesota Zoo's Llama Trek

Presented by Expedition Credit Union

Visit Llama Trek

Llama Trek at the Minnesota Zoo

This special experience at the Minnesota Zoo welcomes guests to walk among free-roaming llamas. Expedition is proud to announce it is now the presenting sponsor of Llama Trek!

The Minnesota Zoo is a year-round destination and window into the natural world. Experience a world of discovery featuring hundreds of species of animals, acres of scenic beauty, and a commitment to wildlife conservation around the world.

Through its mission, the Zoo connects people, animals, and the natural world to save wildlife.

Expedition's guiding principles align with the Zoo as we seek to impact our community's success while inspiring and educating members on their life's journey. This investment in the Zoo reflects our commitment to educate, support a vibrant community, and celebrate Minnesota's natural resources.

Llama Trek exhibit is open from May 25 through Labor Day. We encourage you to learn more about the Minnesota Zoo, its impact on our community, and more details about Llama Trek!