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Fraud & Scams Are On The Rise! Stay Alert & See Below For Help.

ID Theft Resources  "It's a money thing" scam videos

Important Scam Alert

Several members have informed us of a recent trend.

ID THEFT Resource page
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SCAM ALERT: Scammers posing as companies such as Amazon, Microsoft and Pinterest are sending notices stating charges have been applied to your account and include a phone number to contact to question or dispute the charge. Please contact us instead to discuss your account.

Use caution - The scammer will inform you that they will download a dispute form and request remote access to your computer. DO NOT ALLOW THEM ACCESS. Allowing them to download anything on your computer will provide complete access to everything your computer contains once access is allowed.


  • The Social Security Administration, FBI, or Local Police Departments WILL NOT call or text you to demand payment with threats of harm, legal action, or arrest if you do not wire funds, send cash or put money on a gift card.
  • Expedition CU Employees will not call you to ask for your Social Security Number or passwords. Hang up and call us at 651-264-0669 to let us know if this happens (Note: If you call the credit union we will ask questions to confirm your identity, but in these cases you know you called us).
  • DO NOT click on emails that say your account has been compromised and immediate action is needed to unlock your account. 
  • Visit the Federal Trade Commission website for more tips on scams and protecting your privacy online.
  • Help others from becoming victims of fraud by reporting frauds or scams to the MN Attorney General.
  • Visit the MN Commerce Department website for tips on keeping your parents or grandparents safe from scams and how to protect yourself from online or other types of fraud.
  • Consider purchasing ID Theft Protection to have further piece of mind and support if you are a victim of a scam or fraud. TIP for Members of Education Minnesota! - You may have a no-cost option for this coverage available through Education Minnesota ESI.
  • Review your credit report annually. As a member of Expedition CU, you also have 6 free financial counseling sessions with LSS Financial Counselors. They can even assist you with reviewing your credit and improving your score!
  • Check your accounts regularly using Online Banking. Contact us immediately if you notice something unusual.
  • Even more tips, alerts, and steps to take can be found on our ID Theft Prevention page.