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Entertaining financial videos & resources for all ages


Discover Financial Literacy

As you head out on a financial journey, you probably hear a lot of terms that you are unfamiliar with. "It's a Money Thing" was created to help with that very issue! Each video gives a short overview of all things financial. We hope you find these videos helpful for yourself, your children, or your students! These videos are truly enjoyed by ALL ages - although, there are some aimed at younger children under “Students.”

Coloring pages for kids!


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Imagine this: you are out for a walk and you find a stack of shiny gold bars. Where do you put your treasure to keep it safe?


I'm interested in...

money 101
Start with a foundation of financial literacy with basic information about money. Plus, get to know the myths behind credit unions.

Savings Study
Tips for building a savings account for now and investing for the future.

Extra credit
Everything you need to know about using credit, including credit scores.

learn about loans
All your questions about borrowing money and paying it back can be found in this section.

Identity Scam Discovery

Protect yourself against identity theft by learning about scams and how to stop identity theft.


Hey kids, teens, and young adults! Get yourself on the right foot of managing your money now and when you grow up.

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